Advantages / Benefits Digital TV Frequency

1. Can accommodate a lot of new companies. Organizer functions as a digital television service provider of digital television network, while television programs provided by specialized operators.
From the aspect of regulation, network providers have licenses and permits service providers program / event that can spur business development in this field.

The use of more efficient channels. Form of organization of the broadcasting system in the digital age changed from the canal and utilization of technology services. One channel frequency current can only be filled in one program will be completed between four to six programs at once on the digital system.

Improving the quality of the picture. Digital TV allows transmission images with accuracy and high resolution.
Digital TV system capable of producing a clear picture reception, stable and without any shadow effects or double images, although the receiver in a state of moving at high speed.
Digital TV system does not recognize the picture is not clear, double images (ghost) and the other poor image quality, because the digital technique known only good picture or no picture at all.

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