More About Mass Selling

There are two major forms of mass selling, the advertising and publicity.

1. Advertising
According to Kotler (2000; 578) "Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by a sponsor identified"

Meanwhile, according to Arnold in Nawary Saragih (2003; 34 / states that advertising is only able to reach consumers concerned with the vast amount sparingly.
Based on the above definition, that advertising is an effective way to reach buyers who are geographically dispersed with a relatively low cost for each appearance.

2. Publicity
According Swastha Basu (1997; 273) publicity is: "Some information about the person of goods or civic organization that distributed through the media and free of charge, or without any oversight from the sponsor."
Meanwhile, according to Fandi Tjiptono (2001; 228), "Publicity is the presentation and dissemination of ideas, goods and services in non-personal, where people or organizations that benefit from not paying it."

From the definition above can be drawn the conclusion that publicity is the use of news values contained in a product or products to form the corresponding image without the need for cost. "

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