Best Review : SE Satio Features-12 Megapixel Camera (Part II)

Various innovations and breakthroughs made in the market to compete and gain control of the predicate as the best among mobile phone manufacturers. Not surprisingly, the competition getting tighter., Starting from design, hardware, software, and competitive prices. Sony Ericsson as one of the manufacturers that are well known and is a long player, of course, did not want to miss. One model that was launched by Sony Ericsson to address these challenges is the Sony Ericsson 12 Megapixel camera Satio .. Here's the complete features

* Engine ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz, 256 MB RAM
* For the PowerVR SGX graphics accelerator.
* Body size Satio SE 112 x 55 x 13 mm
* Screen size 3.5 inches
* Resolution 640 x 360 pixels with 16M-color, is a full-screen interface using touchsreen with Symbian OS 9.4, S60 5th edition UI, and have sunlight legibility is quite good
* Hardware video-call camera, ambient light sensor, and a microSD card slot (8 GB inbox, 16 GB Max upgrade), as well as for the camera shutter key is already available on the SE Satio. But there is no standard 3.5mm audio jack and microUSB on Satio SE.
* 12-megapixel camera (MP) on the back plus xenon and LED flash. This is the first mobile phone with the largest pixel capacity.
* Quality images with max resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels.
* Recommended for the camera is also quite complete (eg face or smile detection, panorama mode and capture Touch)
* Features camera geo-tagging.
* Two supports flash image quality for photo and video.
* Not Smart features Voice dialing and dialing
* Quite clear audio quality, both using earphones and the loudspeaker conditions.
* With integrated Accelerometer then when the phone is reversed, the phone will be in a position of silence and other functions, of course, to rotate the display in portrait or landscape form.
* Proximity sensors would automatically switches off the display when you close the phone to your ear and when you held the phone away from your ear, the display will return to the active position.
* On-Screen Alpha Numeric keypad, and for the text can be through on-screen QWERTY keypad, or through handwriting recognition (Handwriting Recognition)
* Space is provided for the phonebook is not limited Satio SE. Of course, users can edit contacts with a variety of information needed, such as email, ringtones, nickname, etc. Users also can perform a quick search contacts by alphabet except the name that begins with the alphabet "C" because the letter "C" does not appear on the custom keyboard when performing a search.
* SE Satio supports various types of messages such as SMS, MMS and email.
* Equipped with office document viewer for Word files, Excel, PowerPoint but not accompanied by a document editor.
* For the PDF viewer installed only a trial version (15 days).
* Music player, Satio SE comes with a Walkman music player, but is not equipped with equalizer
* In the video segment, SE Satio not support DivX and XviD codec
* For the video record, output VGA videos at 30 fps, with the brightness, contrast and sharpness very good color.
* SE Satio local connection depends on the Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP, and Wi-Fi devices.
* Data transfer is via microSD cards.
* SE Satio support 3G data transfer speed HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and 3.6 Mbps HSUPA.
* Web browser support Flash video and Java.
* Other Applications already installed in the SE Satio is RoadSync, MyLook and SMS Preview.
* RoadSync application synchronization for synchronization of corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc..
* MyLook application associated with the display or change the background wallpaper.
* GPS receiver. It took several minutes to lock position, and this must be done in open areas and sunny weather conditions.
* Satio SE Wisepilot equipped with navigation software features voice-guided walk (guidance in the form of sound) and drives navigation (guidance when driving)

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neil said...

You don’t necessarily have to buy a headphone that fits withe Sony Ericsson Aino you can also buy a converter jacktet which should cost about 3 euro at most. And finally Sony ericsson decided to leave their own proprietary standards concerning the memory of the phone. Swapping the memory stick for the Micro SD was the right thing to do. Indeed you don’t find phones with image stabilization that often. I’m really wondering what the price difference between the Satio and the Aino will be.


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