Bolt 1.6 Mobile Brower, Quick, Simple and Efficient

Bolt is a mobile browser that offers " browsing experience" to the low end phone. Even so Bolt still promote the speed, efficiency and features quite a variety. This program developers claim that Bolt is designed to resemble a web page display pc and accommodate almost any type of phone. We have re-issued Bolt latest version is 1.6 which optimize speed and performance even with limited memory, speed of data processing and small screen size.

In terms of browsing speed, Bolt was 1.6 to load web pages 25-50% faster than its competitors.
Version 1.6 has the advantage by offering full connectivity-based socket that can increase the speed of loading web pages by 15% from the previous version. And the additional features of the new password manager. Allows users menyetting username and password are stored for easy login to the site and the online application.

Bolt capable of displaying and compressing the web pages in full. no wonder if the browser is selected by some phone vendors as a standard application.
Some of the features provided include:
- Capability to copy and paste text
- Uploading Videos and photos directly to the website.
Bolt is also able to stream video from sites such popular video providers youtube, to accommodate all the features of social networking and help users to conduct online transactions securely.

Bolt can also be the default browser settings on the handset type of smartphone. Meanwhile, the website content is never reformatted.
This Application Details:
Developer: Bitstream Inc.
Version: 1.6
Platform: J2ME
File Size: 206Kb
Category: Browser Mobile

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct