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Have suddenly appeared ads while using the Internet? Or even when the computer network in a state of being disabled? If it really happened, you should immediately activate or reinstall your antivirus program because it is one indicator that the computer you are subject to bondage spy by spyware.

Certainly spyware is uninvited guests who can produce a disaster. Because spyware is software that secretly be watching your movements, from the activities you do often or frequently visited sites, so your favorites (activity) can be known and then  to send the ads associated with it. This is of course annoying, because your computer unknowingly as controlled by others who are not known.

On a more serious stage, often will cause a slow computer performance. If you have this, your computer must be able to reinstall to go back to work as before. Even more annoying, if personal data such as email addresses are also in the spy so that more spam mail delivery will only fill in your mailbox.

How does spyware get in and attack into the computer system? As above spyware often hide in the software can be downloaded for free, such as games, or at the sites visited. This spyware is intentionally designed for commercial purposes, so much the ads send feels unimportant.
The only way to protect your program is by installing antidote, such as windows defender. The antidote will hold attack ads that appear without the desired security and protect data from spyware attacks. In addition, immediately close the pop ads that come up suddenly.

For that we must be careful with the existence of spyware on our computers, so we are always safe when using computers and surf.

Here the link for Spyware Doctor that can be install on your computer/laptop
Download Here

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wow.. i often received weird ads that is annoying so much. Is it a virus?
and is my computer is controlled by other people?

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