Various kinds Methods of Job Training

Various kinds methods of training according to the Amber Jucius Teguh Sulistiyani & Rosidah (2003: 183), consisting of:

1. On the job training (training in the workplace); is the recommended exercises performed on a new labor.
2. Vestibule Training; is a short course, like engineered so that the condition of the course and facilities close to the actual work situation.
3. Apprentice Training (internship); is an exercise that is used for this type of work that has a high skill, so under the direct supervision of an expert job.
4. Intership Training; a training program conducted an educational institution with other institutions such as corporations, government agencies, to provide training to the students / students.
5. Learner Training (training of students); a training method in which the company sent a number of existing workers to undertake training at the school - a certain vocational schools.
6. Outside Course; is the training method performed by a professional agency working with a particular company.
7. Retraining and Upgrading; is training that aims to improve the quality of employee skills to anticipate the environmental conditions that constantly change and develop

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct