Now, already a business trend, especially financial institutions & banks to open Islamic business (business sharia). This is because the business sharia considered able to withstand the storm better crisis and the 1997 Asian crisis, the global crisis in 2008. No wonder the emerging companies with a name behind him: "Sharia" as a trademark if the company is run Business Sharia.

There is a question: whether the company behind the name contains the word "Sharia" would run the business according to Sharia? Is the company behind the name does not contain the word "Sharia" Islamic institutions would not be running a business so that non-Islamic?

To answer the second question, we must know the criteria a company operating according to Sharia (Islamic Business). A company is believed to run the Islamic Business and only if it is only meet two criteria:
1. established with the aim to obtain the pleasure of Allah;
2. operation does not violate the provisions of Islamic law (Sharia Islamic / Sharia).
Why a Business Sharia should be established in order to obtain the pleasure of Allah? This is because in the conception of Sharia (Islamic), all activities including business activities, can not be separated from an Islamic system as a whole. The main goal of Islam is to worship "the only and only because" God. That way, the purpose of such business activities must be consistent with the main goal of Islam is to get the pleasure of Allah.
Should not an established business for profit? Of course not, because the profit motive of business organization. However, a business must be established Sharia in order to get the pleasure of Allah as a form of obedience to God. However, it remains business Sharia should have the goal of making profit and Insha Allah, Allah will satisfaction if the business is run according to Sharia.

In the Islamic Shari'a, every business (activity Muamalat) basically allowed, unless explicitly prohibited by Islamic law. On the basis of this, we have established the second criterion of Islamic business is to operate with the legal provisions do not violate Syara (Sharia). Here are some business activities which are prohibited by the provisions of Islamic Sharia:
1. business activities (sale and purchase) of goods which are prohibited by law syara: wine, unclean, prostitution, witchcraft, dead, dogs, and pigs.
2. sales of goods that are not owned. In market terms, to do short selling.
3. conduct business-related activities ribawi.
4. doing business in it an element of fraud (ghoror), dharar (harming others), gambling, disobedience, and oppression.
5. do business with blocking people know the information (prices) in the market, resulting in asymmetric information.
6. business activities by the accumulation of basic goods needed by society, with the aim of abundant profits.
7. other business activities (which are not discussed here), which according to Islamic Shari'a are prohibited.
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