Product Level

According Sofjan Assauri (2004:202), which basically purchased products that consumers can distinguish between the three levels, namely:

1. Core product, which is the core or the real basis of the products that you want the gain by a buyer or consumer of these products.
2. Formal product (formal product), which is a form, model, quality / quality, brand and packaging that accompany those products.
3. Additional Items (augemented product) is a formal product enhancements with the accompanying services, such as installation (installation), service, maintenance and transport provided free of charge.
Meanwhile, according to Kotler (2000) in planning a market bid, marketers need to think through the five levels of the product. Each level adds more customer value, and the fifth form of customer value hierarchy. The most basic level is the core benefit (core benefits) which services or benefits on the basis of the actual purchase by the customer. At the second level, marketers need to change the core benefit into a basic product (basic product). At the third level marketers prepare the expected product (expected product), a series of attributes and conditions that normally expected by the buyer's product.

At the fourth level, marketers are preparing an improved product (Augmented product) that exceed customer expectations. At the fifth level there is a potential product (potential product) that includes all the improvements and that eventually transpormasi be in the natural products in the future

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct