Excellence of E-Learning

Why e-learning can be accepted and adopted so quickly? Of course the progress of the use of e-learning is motivated by the advantages and benefits to be gained:

- Reduction in cost. E-learning can reduce training costs, due to train employees in large numbers, companies do not need to pay the class, the cost for coaches, transportation costs, and various other costs.

- Flexibility. Can learn anytime and anywhere, as long as the employee is connected to the Internet.

- Personalization. Employees can learn according to their learning abilities. If employees do not understand, so he can slow down or repeat the explanation of a lesson. If a student can understand quickly, so he can complete these courses more quickly

- Standardization. Standardization of the teaching quality . Every coach in the classroom tend to have a way of teaching, presentation materials and mastery with different materials so that the quality of teaching was not consistently obtained. However, e-learning is able to minimize differences in teaching methods and materials, thus providing a better standard of consistent quality.

- Effectiveness. The effectiveness of learning through e-learning methods generally increased. A study by J.D. Fletcher showed that the level of retention and application of lessons through e-learning methods increased by 25% compared to training that uses traditional ways.

- Speed. Velocity distribution of lesson materials will increase, because the lessons can be quickly delivered via the Internet. This advantage is very well suited to the geographical condition of Indonesia, where a company or organization can have branch offices in various remote areas

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct