Consumer Loyalty Level - become a loyal customer

To become a loyal customer, someone had to go through several stages. This process took place with the emphasis and attention are different for each stage and meet the needs in each stage, the company has a greater opportunity to shape potential buyers into loyal customers and corporate clients.

Griffin (1995:35) states that these stages are:
1 Suspects:
Includes all people who might buy goods or services companies. We call it a suspect in the belief that they will buy, but do not know anything about the company and the goods or services offered.
2 Prospects
Are people who have a need for a particular product or service, and has the ability to buy it. The prospects of this, even if they do not make purchases, they have found out about the company and the goods or services offered, because someone has recommended the goods or services.
3 Disqualipied prospects
Namely prospects who already know the existence of certain goods or services, but do not have the need for goods or services, or do not have ability to buy goods or services
4 Firt Time Customers
Namely consumers who buy for the first time. They are still a new consumer
5 Repeat Customers
That consumers who have made a purchase of a product as much as two times or more. They are put through the purchase of the same product twice, or buy two different kinds of products in two different occasions
6 Client
Client buy all the goods or services offered, which they need. They buy on a regular basis. Relationships with these types of customers was strong and long lasting, which makes them not affected by the pull of competition to other products
7 Advocataes
Like clients, Advocates bought the goods or services offered are needed, and make purchases on a regular basis. In addition, they encourage their friends others to buy goods or services. He talked about the goods or services and bring customers to the company

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