Tips Make your blackberry baterry durable/life longer

This tips I got from the following blog:

Blackberry battery life depending on :

* The signal strength of the operator, more better and stable signal means more efficient the blackberries battery
* Traffic data, more volume the traffic data, means more wasteful bateray

* Setting alerts on blackberry handheld … meaning the more minimal setting you use, its more efficient, fews kind of setting are

1. Vibrate … make more inefficient
2. The smaller volume, its make a battery more efficient
3. Led indicator is not too powerful, but if turned off can be more efficient
4. Setting the display brightness, more brighter the LCD, its make more inefficient
5. Our activities in using handheld blackbery, more often we use the blackberries, more faster the battery will run out. Will feel more durable age, if we handhelds in standby.
6. The next factor is … setting alerts on blackberry handheld, suggestions :

* If during the day, just use the alert tone with the volume of medium without vibrate
* When in the holster, just use vibrate alert, with no volume
* When the night / sleep, use a silent profile (without tone and no vibrate).
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jonny said...

Might be the phone provide the facility which you are written because i don't trust on this brand but vodafone that the reason there are some trust.

StorageCraft said...

The blackberry phone is so cute. I am a damn fan of this phone. I like all the features of this phone and on the top is the body texture and finishing.

MessageForce said...

The blackberry phone is the best phone present in the whole world. I am a big fan of this phone and ready to purchase the latest model.

Shawn mitchell said...

Since the time i purchased this model of black berry i feel like capturing the whole world with this small electrical device. It has benefited me endlessly.

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