Cooperation means working or acting together for a common pupose. National trade has made people in a country depend on one another . Air travel and mass communications have brought people close together. As people become increasingly interindependent, it is necessary for people to learn how to live in peace. People should be free from quarreling, ill-feeling or hatred.
Harmony starts from a good family. If all the families in a community are harmonious, they are also harmonious neighbours. They will help other people who are in trouble. They cooperate to take charge of the relative of the poor in the locality.
People in a community should not form blocks. They should try to avoid conflict. Living in peace is easier when people are bound together by ties of tradition , language and common cultural values. Working in harmony is more difficult when people have to face major differences in tradition attitude and way of life.

Cooperation or working together is one of the common characteristics of the Indonesian people. Not only the government, but also the people rush food , medicine, and clothing to people who are being stricken by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or droughts. They build tents for their shelters. They share the temporary tents.
Scholl students are trained to be sensitive to the suffering of others. They always support the handicapped, orphans and the victims of natural disasters

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice post! ^_^ I agree with u harmony must start in the family and we must help our fellow human being in times of trouble...
we will blessed for that ^_^

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