Business Today : U.S. dollar down against the euro and Pounds Sterling

HONG KONG (Bloomberg): This afternoon the U.S. dollar weakened over Pounds Sterling 0.29% and down 0.28% against the euro amid growing concerns NPL in the U.S. related to the crisis in. 

At 15:59 Bloomberg data shows the U.S. dollar weakened to the level of U.S. $ 1.2917 per euro, down against the British currency at U.S. $ 1.4537 per pound, and 0.02% corrected to be 98.24 yen against the yen. 

Bloomberg reported, factors other than the NPL, decrease in oil prices to the level of U.S. $ 45 per U.S. dollar is also a factor press currency that uncle Sam. Symptoms eventually this stock-pressing global and regional shares, while the U.S. dollar corrected almost all of the currency world. However, increase in oil prices this week will reduce the pressure the U.S. dollar against all currencies of the world. 

This afternoon as oil prices seen in the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) down to the level of U.S. $ 48.44 per barrel. While in London brent oil corrected to the level of U.S. $ 50.04 per barrel. 

Tomorrow is predicted yen against the greenback potentially improved, the case against Pounds Sterling and the euro (

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