Swiss Wants Banking Secrecy

When can I save in the Swiss bank? hopefully realized..he2x

Some three-quarters of swiss people want to maintain their country’s key bank secrecy laws and resist international pressure to give it up.
An annual survet carried out the swiss Bankers Association found that 78 percent of those polled believe that banking secrecy should be preserved, while 16 percent want it dropped. 
‘as in past years, a majority of those interviewed (59%) feel that international pressure is strong but three –quarters want Switzerland to refuse to make any concessions, “the association said in a statement”
However, 80% believed that interational pressure would have a “strong influence” on Banking secrecy over the coming years , according to the report by polling institute MIS trend. The opinion poll, carried out in January, also found that be proportion of those who felt that banking secrecy woul still exist in its current form in five years time had fallen by 13% points from last years to 61 %.
Switzerland in under intense pressure over its banking secrecy laws and the distinction it accords to tax evasion, which is not classified as crime, and tax fraud, which is a criminal offence.

Critics say these previsions encourage foreign tax evaders to hide assets in Swiss banks. The poll also indicated waning public confidence in the swiss banking industry and growing concern about the negative impact of the banks on Switzerland’s reputation abroad.
Some 45% of thise questioned expressed a positive opinion about Swiss banking industry, against 57% last year, while the number of those with outright megatuve sentiment grew from 18 to 26%.
From The Jakarta Post (March, 12, 2009)

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