Everlasting love Stories

Do you know who fredie prince Jr. is? Are you familiar with Claire danes? If yes , then watching movies may be your favorite pastime. Now , what kind of the movies do you like most? Is it action, comedy, drama or something else? Love stories are the most common material for dramas. I’m sure you have heard the story about a princess who is cursed to sleep for a hundred years. And can only be awakened by her true love. There are many other stories like that and most of them have happy endings. Here 6 everlasting love stories , that I know :

1. Romeo and Juliet
Two families had been in a dispute for a long time and these two lovers were caught in the conflict. The situation got worse whe a close relative of the girls familt was killed by a member of the other clan. The story ended with the death of the youngsters. Although produced in 1996, the movie used the original script taken from the 18th century. Starred by Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes, this movie was a complete success.

2. Pretty Woman
Everyone has his/her own luck. Including streetwalkers. Who would have guessed that a multi millionaire would fall in love with a street beauty? At the first , he tried to ignore his feelings towards her. But when it comes marching in? Julia Roberts was astonishing in her role and Richard Gere was as charming.

What happens when a person dies? Does he fly to heaven right away or linegr to settle his unfinished business? It was a timeless Holywood tear –jerkerthat easily gets under one’s skin. Demi moore’s name and hairstyle became very famous after she played in the movie. Another name that was elevated by the movie was Whoopi Goldberg who won an Oscar for her role.

They said that God Himself could not sink the ship. Obviously, they were wrong. The biggest, most luxurious and powerful boat in her area, she hit bottom of the Pacific Ocean only four hours after hitting an iceberg on her maiden journey. Among the passengers were Leonardo Di Caprio and kate Winslet as the main charateristers of the Movie.

5. Beauty and The Beast
The story was about a prince who was cursed by a witch to become an ugly creature. The lady character was beautiful , inside and outside, and she did’nt judge a person only by his or her appearance . she fell in love with him, and the curse was lifted. Walt Disney made this comic version of the movie while Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion sang the famous soundtrack.

This movie, released in 1993, is about a recently engaged woman (Meg Ryan) who heard the sad story of a grieving widower (Tom hanks) on the radio and believed that they were destined to be together . she is in New York and he lives and seatle with a young son. But the cross-country attraction proved irresistible and pretty soon meg was on a westbound flight. After that, fate takes charge of the situation.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct