The Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee Indians lived in different states in the southeastern and southern parts of the United States. Like many other language, Cherokee was originally only a spoken language, that is, there was no system for writing or reading this language. However, a Cherokee Indian named Sequoyah, the inventor of an alphabet that let people read and write Cherokee,solved this problem.
Seqouyah was born in the state of Tennessee. He was born of an Indian mother and a white father. Although he did not receive any school education, he recognized the value of reading and writing. Every evening he worked hard to come up with an alphabet. In 1823, he completed his alphabet after twelve years of diligent work. His alphabet had symbols for the eight-six sound of the Cherokee language.

Thousand of Cherokee learned to read and to write due to Seqouyah’s new alphabet. Soon a newspaper, Phoenix, was published in both English and Cherokee. Seqouyah himself moved to different states teaching his new alphabet until his death in 1843. He was approximately seventy years old. His willingness to help his help his people will be remembered for a long time.

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