Agriculture or Farming?

The average person will say that agriculture means farming. He is party right, for raising corps is abranch of agriculture. So do livestock raising, dairy farming, fruit growing,chicken raising and even fur farming. Agriculture includes the raising of every kind of plants ad animal that is useful to man.With all its many branches, agriculture is the world’s most important industry. It supplies the food we eat and many of the materials from which we make our clothing.

Farms are classified according to the type of farming that is done and kinds of crops and livestock that are raised. They may be classified in several different ways. Such as general, specialized, intensive, and extensive farms.
General farming is a farm where a variety of things is raised. On such a farm there may be a herd of dairy coes whose milk the farmer sells. There may also be poultry to provide extra income and supply some of the family’s needs.

There are many factors that influence the types of crops and livestock that a farmer raised. The most important one is climate which includes temperature, length of growing season, sunshine, and rainfall. Another is the type of soil. The third is the amount of water available for irrigation. By concentrating on the particular crops or animals that fit best with this situation, the specialized farmer hopes to use his lad in the most efficient and profitable way.

When a farmer devotes a great deal of labour to a piece of land, he is practicing intensive agriculture. If he works in a large area of land with relatively little labour, he is practicing extensive agriculture. Intensive agriculture usually goes together with small farms. A great dal of careful work is always involved in intensive agriculture. Often this work must be done by hand. Extensive agriculture is usually practised on large farms or ranches where most of the work is done by machinery.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct