Death Rituals In Indonesia

The Torajan People of South Sulawesi Have a unique way of burying the dead. They Believe that if somebody dies, s(h)e enters puya , a place for the dead. They also believe that someone who enters puya must show her/his social status when alive. That is why the funeral ceremont for a person who had a high position in the community may look like a big party or even a carnival. Someone is only really dead when a complete funeral ceremony has been held. Before that, the dead body is considered to be a sick body.

The Manggarai people of Flores believe that the spirit of the dead , called poti, stay where they used to stay when they were allive, especially near the bed. After some time , thepoti 'live' in wells, big trees, or crossroads near the house. The spirits are there to help them ...

How ever , this is believed to last only five five days, for then the poti will leave for Mori Karaeng. Mori karaeng is a place for the dead . The manggarai peolpe believe that everything in Mori Karaeng is the opposite of the world of the living. so, people break dishes and glasses on the dead is supposed to leave for Mori Karaeng, so that when entering Mori Karaeng s(h)e has utensils in a good condition

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct