The Famous Crocodile Farmer in Indonesia

Iwan kayamis is a farmer, but his farm is different from other farms. Instead of cows, chickens and other animals, Iwan owns 600 crocodiles. He is a crocodile farmer. The crocodile are kept cement pools which contain about 30 cm of water. There are four different pools. One is for the very young crocodile, another is for the bigger crocodiles between one and six years old, the third is for sick crocodiles, and the last pool is for pregnant crocodiles. 

When a crocodiles is pregnant, she is taken out and put in the mother’s pool. The pool contains water ad the bottom is filled with soft and where the crocodiles can lay their eggs. After about 100 days the eggs hatch on their own; so the baby crocodiles are born. These crocodiles are given prawns and fish to eat.

When crocodiles are about six years old, they are killed for their skins. By this time, they weigh between thirty to sixty kilograms and they measure one and a half to two and a half metres long. Their skins are used to make bags and belts. The skin of younger crocodiles is softer and more beautiful but because they are smaller, only one bag can be made from the skin. An older crocodile provides enough skin for two large bags. The skin is washed with special chemicals, dyed into various colours and then polished. Finally, it is cut and sewn into bags. A bag with a beautiful skin can cost as much as 100.000 rupiah.
And what happens to the crocodile meat? Some of, it is sold to restaurant where it is popular with a few people. Some of its used for animal food, and some of it is dried and exported to countries like Hongkong.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct