Pig Flu Create Global Panic

The Pig Flu create global panic, as the president of Mexico (AFP news) request to many countries in the world to respond this problems with calm because their countries will be find ways to anticipated  overcome the spread of the flu. According to Mexico's health minister said the number of victims killed as a result of swine flu reaches 103 people. In addition, the number of patients increased from 1324 into 1614 people, due to the announcement, people mexico city, the capital Mexico City, put on mask out every home. They also buy food and water as the anticipation out of the home government restrictions.

WHO has also issued a warning that the swine flu, which is alleged to form a combination of flu with a human bird flu that spread to pigs, may cause a pandemic and will ask all the countries in the world to raise awareness.
Then, how about in our country, Indonesia, to be launched this news, I have not heard of Indonesians have been infected the virus .This Virus is very dangerous, as evidenced by the many victims of the fall. The era of now, the various types of disease and likely genetic mutation has occurred. So that the virus emerged and a new pandemic. Actually create panic

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hope the pig flu will not spread throughout the world...our place is near mexico....

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct