Adoption System in Industry

There are various kinds of industry in industry : cottage industry, small-scare industry, chemical industry, food industry, etc. Most of the owners or producers of the industries are rich people. They have a lot of money to establish industries. If they are skilled managers, they will be able to run and manage the business industries very well. Because of good management, they get good profit and they can also invest their money in another industry.

Lots of Indonesian businessmen have been successful in business, but there are some who have failed because they lack capital. The quality of their goods is too bad to be competitive and it is difficult for them to market their products. Their workers lack enthusiasm to do their jobs because underparsed.Many changes and rapid development should be made. Successful producers should adopt workers in business industries by lending them money.

Many things can be done by the successful producers . before offering financial aid , they also give some suggestions and invest their money. They cooperate to prevent the industries from bankruptcy and the workers from being ousted. The workers are trained to be skillful to do specialized jobs. After some time, the industries will surely develop because of good and careful management , fincaial aid, educational, training and specilization(taken From fast Track to English 3)

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct