The Right Tactic to Maintain the Good Relationship : Together Forever

Finally, God grants your wish; you meet the love of your life. The right person is here and is no longer a dream. Of course you feel like walking in the clouds, you’re in the seventh ehaven. You feel ecstatic, blissful and overjoyed. You think that you are the luckiest person in the world, for not everyone can find his or her true love.
But behind this happiness, there is a tinge of fear. What if a third person gets in the way? What if the two of you cannot maintain the love bond? And worse, ehat if you screw up and lose your babe?
Actually , there are some ways to maintain the good relationship, you may not have to wory about losing your crush. Here are the tips :

1. Know your partner. Find out what activities your babe is in to. Check on his or her favorite color. Taste his or her favorite food Get the list of his or her favorite books and authors, and get to know his/her friends. Why? Because everyone likes attention. The more you know your crush, the more attention you give to him/her. And, the result? Your honey feels more loved.
By knowing your crush, you'll also get other advantages. You can see him or her with a better perspective. As we all know, love is blind, so sometimes we don't see things as they are. By using this new perspective, you may see something that you have missed before. Maybe your crush is not as charming as you thought he or she was, or even that you are better off without him or her.

2. Adjust yourself. It doesn't mean that you should also have the same hobbies, activities, character or favorite colors. It also doesn't mean that you have to change yourself and world. You just need to get used to his or her world and understand him or her better. Adjusting yourself to him or her means integrating two hearts.

3. Don't be selfish. Getting into a relationship means giving and taking. You must also consider your babe's feelings and needs, So, whenever the two of you face a problem. don't forget to take him or her into consideration.

4. Communicate. Communication is a very important factor in a relationship. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can't read your mind (unless the person is a psychic, which is rare), so give him or her a chance to understand you better Just tell your side of the story. The way you communicate with your sweetheart is also important. You have to be careful when telling him or her about a problem. Use facts,s not opinions, For example, instead of saying that you don't like his smooking, you can tell him that you don’t like his smooking. You can tell him you are worried about his helath and give him articles on diseases caused by smoking.

5. Make surprises, Most of us love surprises. They make us alive and fresh. Surprises can also renew our relationship whenever everything becomes lame. And they sure can beat boredom, one of the many factors that can ruin a relationship. As long as you do not exaggerate your surprise, your crush will be delighted. It doesn't have to be something very expensive or costly. A cheap but original idea can do the trick. For example, surprise your babe with a home made photo frame with a most adorable picture of the two of you in it, a surprise candlelight dinner for two at your memorable spot (even if there is no special event to celebrate), and so on.

6. Have initiative, Girls, don't wait until your boyfriend showers you with flowers to show you that he loves you. You can always send him a card saying I love you". Boys, don t wail until birthday to give her a bouquet of flowers. The key is, boys and girls, take the initiative. Make the first step, the first action. Your babe will surely love you more.

7. Enjoy the differences. No matter how hard you try. There is no way you will always be there. Big or subtle, a differences is what makes everyone unique. There is no way you can be exactly like your sweetheart wants you to be or vice-versa. So,just be yoursel and he or she will love you the way you are. If he or she can’t accept you completely , well, that’s just too bad.
So you see, the keys are simple but quite trickly. If you take a look around, you couples with a lot of things in common. but they still break up On the other hand. there are so many seemingly -unmatched" couples who stay together for years. This makes us wonder what keeps them together. There must be something some strategies that they apply to make them stick together and I bet they apply the tips mentioned above, Well, ready to give it a try? Good Luck!
Nuzulia Latifah – Contact Volume 8. No.50

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