Local Arts In Indonesia

Local arts is a products made by local people. It expresses the uniqueness of the creator, of the society to which the maker belongs, of all mankind, or of all these. The products appeals to the intellect and to the senses. It can be a variety of forms – a musical composition, dance, play, public exhibition, concert, novel or poem.
There are various kinds of local arts in Java. If foreign tourist visit the Lebak regency, they will be attracted to the Debus performance. The perfpormer stabs himself with a dagger or a sword but he does not hurt himself.

In my city, Bandung, foreign tourist will be able to see the angklung concert. The concert does not only play Indonesian music, but also American and European Music. Angklung is a musical instrument made of bamboo. It is played simply by shaking it. Foreign tourist usually try to play the angklung after seeing the concert. If you arrive in Bandung, you can visit “angklung Ujo”, the famous name for Angklung society in Indonesia.

In central and West java , drama is often performed in the form of puppet plays called wayang. Foreign tourist enjoy the puppet show. The wayang , accompanied by music played on native instrument in a gamela orchestra , is a very popular. Local dances based on legends also attract many spectators. Wayang orang (man or woman dressed in wayang and plays a certain role in the story) performance and Ketoprak are very popular in Solo, Yogya and Semarang.
If foreign tourist visit Ponorogo in East Java , they will enjoy the Reog Ponorogo show. It Resembles the dragon show like the one in Hongkong . They can also go to Surabaya to see the Ludruk show. It is similar to Kabuki in Japan. The players are male players

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct