Urbanization is the changing from a rural to an urban condition, appearance, and way of thinking. The word urban is connected with a city or town , not with a country. Poverty, urban societies, and a city are closely related.
People who are out of work and unable to make a living off the land usually a decision by leaving the country and go to cities such as Jakarta, bandung, Semarang and Surabaya. They go to cities to try their fortune. Some who have received a good education are usually successful but those who are illiterate are unable to find jobs.
In cities extreme poverty sometimes occurs in urban slums where some poor people havenot had the opportunity to learn skills that will help them to earn a living in a rapidly changing modern world. People trapped in this kind of situation often have inadequate living in normally more expensive urban situation, must pay higher prices for little food they can obtain
Facing the fact that twenty percent of the people still live in the property line, the Indonesian government tries to handle program. 

The government also wants to provide a better, happier and more worthwhile life for its people. The first step in doing this is to provide people with good food and housing, and adequate clothing. However, the task of eliminating poverty is an enourmous and complicated matter. This is because poverty when it occurs in a country, rarely exist for just one simple reason.
In general , modern cities are suffering from the effects of too much industrialization and too rapid urbanization . many people go there to try to find a job. Most of these migrants have had little chance in present-day cities to provide employment and services for those people.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct