Political revenge in Thailand : Thaksin Vs Abhisit, Who's The Winner?


From videos broadcast live during the protest and riot, it was obvious that the former thai prime minister Thaksin, is behind the movement to overthrow the present government led by Prime Minister Abhisit.
The world knows that Thaksin has abundant wealth, many accuse him of corruption . that’s why he fled Thailand ad is wandering from country to country to seek political asylum. He is scared because the Bhisit administrations has threatened to bring his corruption to the courts.
So its natural for Thaksin to fight back. He possesses everything to reach his goal. Money and loyal thai supporters are two strong factors to make his dream come true. On the other side we know that Abhisit came to power in the same way.
Yet according to international law, what matter is the recognition from other United Nation’s member countries. The more countries that recognize theAbhisit government , the more legitimate it will be in the eyes of international community.
Thaksin’s effort to mobilize his loyal supporters and his call to storm the venue of the ASEAN+3 Summit in Pattaya has resulted in humiliation for the Abhisit administration and Thailand.
Thailand’s reputation as a politically stable country is damage. Let alone that King Bumiphol. So it will be better for the King to deny Thaksins passport and to finally bring him back home for court trial are justified. The people of Thailand have suffered a lot from Thaksin’s aborted coup d’etat (The Jakarta Post/Dadut Priambodo/Jakarta)
Some months ago, I see a movie“ Bangkok Dangerous”….i’m sure u watch this movie too, and NOW…Bangkok is Really Dangerous…and I just wanna say..this Revenge only two person
Thaksin’s Vs Abhisit…Who’s The Winner???

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