Tourism : The Forgotten Business?

Tourism seems to have been forgotten, especially by students who have been planning for their future. Though having good prospects, this industry has not been taken care of seriously. It’s a pity to have such great natural resources, like mountains and beaches, without knowing how to make good use of them.
Right now many high scool graduates would like to have a career in information technology, law, business, construction,etc. But not many of them think that the tourism business is not very prestidious. They think that being involved in tourism means serving other people, like waiting on customers and cleaning up rooms. That’s true if one says that tourism is a business that depends on service, therefore anyone who works in this field should give their service to their customers. But aren’t most businesses nowadays related to service? Take insurance or banking, for example . Aren’t they big businesses which are releated to service?
It’s high time for us not to look down on tourism industry. As a matter of fact, tourism can contribute a lot to our country’s income. Just imagine if many foreign tourist come to Indonesia and spend their money here. Instead of spending money, just like many importers do, people who run the tourist businesses help the government fill up cashbox with foreign currencies. So this industry deserves to be seriously managed.

Service and Preservation
One thing that we lack in this industry is qulify of service. Compared with other countries. Such as Thailand and Singapore, our tourism service is a step behind. It seems that we have yet to realize that tourist are the key to success in this business. Sometimes we hear tourists complaining about the hotel service, transportation service and many other things. And sometimes we, Indonesians , also complain about the service given by the hotel we stay in.
Another thing that we should learn from other countries is how to preserve our natural resources, such as the beaches and mountains. Many beaches in Indonesia are spoiled and therefore are not as beautiful as they were before. This happens because some tourists , mostly local tourists are too ignorant to preserve these precious assets. They don’t care about sanitations and the cleanliness of the places. As a result , those places lose their beauty and attraction.

Human resources
Don’t ever think have a bright future in tourism if the people running the industry are still unprofessional. To have professional huma resources, some steps should be taken. One of them is to equip those who run the business with the appropriate skills. You can find many tourism schools in Indonesia. But don’t pick any school. You should choose the one which has a good reputation and adequate facilities. Once you have chosen the right school, you will be trained to be professional in one particular field, like hotel management or travel.

Bright Future
To have a success a career in tourism , you have to start from the bottom. Through the process, you will learn the ropes and once you have enough experience, you can start your own business, like running your own guest house, hostel or restaurant. There are many success stories of people who used to work in a hotel and quit their job to start their own business. These people were able to do that because of the experience they got from the tourism business. Now, what do you think about that? Isn’t tourism an interesting business.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct