A Reason To sing

Since its introduction to the United States in 1988, the karaoke phenomenon has gradually swept across the country, spreading from the Midwest hotel bar scene to some of the trendiest nightspots in New York and Los Angeles. Duets is a road-trip film about six indiduals who troe off the binds of their pre-determined lives and strive to the fulfill their dreams. Each is searching for the meaning of life.
In an era when anything less than a million dollar pay-off seems like peanuts, the $5.000 grand prize for the national karaoke competition may hardly seem worth getting out bed for. Tod woods (Paul Giamatti), a salesman who can’t even rouse a kiss or a nod of acknowledgement from his family when he wearily returns home, hits the roads to oblivion and somewhere in Utah picks up hitchhiker Reggie Kane(Andre Braugher), a black escaped convict , a philosophically articulated fellow with little to lose himself.
The next, and by far the least interesting couple are Suzi Loomis (Maria Bello), a waitress with a desperate ambition to become a singer, and a taxi driver Billy (Scoot Speedman). The most attractive duet is a father and a daughter.Ricky (Huey Lewis) and Liv Dean (Gwyneth Paltrow) . Ricky is a karaoke hustler who had been disconnected from everybody and everything before he met his daughter, Liv, an innocent Vegas showgirl who is searching for family and love. The film revolves around three pairs of people, three duets, who are searching to find something missing from their lives and their paths converge. Duets is alike a modern musical movie in which the actors have a reason to belt out tunes they’re performing.

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