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Pasta is a generic term for Italian variants noodles, food made from a dough of flour, water and/or eggs, that is boiled. Pasta is categorized in two basic styles: Direid and Fresh.
Dried Pasta made without egs can be stored for up two years under ideal conditions, while fresh pasta will keep for a couple days in the refrigator. Pasta is generally boiled. There are approximately 350 different shapes of pasta including spaghetti, maccheroni, fusili and lasagna. Below is the list and description about pasta
1. Bucatini
These long, hollow spaghetti like tubes are unusual and fun! Try them in casseroles or asian stirfries or tossed with a fresh tomato sauce
2. Capelini
Also konown as “Angel Hair” pasta, the long, delicate strands are an appropriate match for almost any sauce. Try serving capellini with a walnut, garlic and mushroom cream sauce, for an exceptional side.
3. Ditali
Italian for “thimbles” ditali are medium –sized, short tubes woth smooth sides. Like mosty short pasta shapes, ditali are excellent used in soups, pasta salads, and to stand up chunky sauces. Elbow macaroni
This short , curved, tubular pasta is a favourite for macaroni and chese and cold salad.

4. Fettucia
Wider than Fettucine, with one ruffled edge, fettucia looks like half a lasagna noodle. Substitute Fettucia in yout favourite lasagna recipes for an elegant touch, or pair this substansial noodle with any sauce that has a lot of body.

5. Fettucine
Fettucinne is an egg pasta cut into long , narrow ribbons. It Is wider that linguine, but is a fine as a substitute for linguine in most recipes. It is often served with cream sauces, as in the classic Fettucine Alfredo

6. Gnocchi
These “Little dumplings” are typically made from a potato or semolina dough. They are boiled and served with sauces; tomato-based or herb and butter sauces also work well

7. Lasagna
This term refers to both a long, wide noodle and to the baked dish made with these noodles. The pasta is flat with either straight or curly edges. It is usually boiled. It is usually boiled, then layered with chesse, meat, and either a tomato-based or cream based based sauce. The casserole is then baked.

8. Manicotti
These noodles are large and tubular; they can have either a ridged or smooth texture. Manicotti are filled with cheese or meat fillings and then baked. The term also refers to a dish of stuffed manicotti, usually with a tomato sauce.

9. Orzo
Orzo means “Barley”, which is what this distinctive, tiny rice-like pasta resembles. Orzo is wonderful in soups and salads. Season the cooked orzo with salt and pepper, lemon, olive oil and dill and server chilled for a tangy Mediterranean side salad.

10. Penne
These two inch long tubular macaroni are sometimes referred to as mostaccioli. The noodles are diagonally cut at the ends, and very much resemble the “quill pen” for which they are named. This pasta is good with chunky meat or vegetables sauces.

11. Tortellini
These versatile rings of pasta can be stuffed with many types os savory fillings. The pasta is then folded in half and the two ends are brought together to make a ring shape. Multi-colored pasta indicates the addition of beets, tomatoes, spinach, or squid ink for color and flavor. Tortellini can be drizzled with good olive oil, garlic, herbs and parmesan cheese, paired with hearty sauces, or served in soups.

12. Vermicelli
“Little worms” I Italian, vermicelli are fine strands of spaghetti. Use as bed for sauced meat dishes, or toss with either a creamy or tomato-based sauces.
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