All About Borobudur : History and development

Borobudur is one of the largest and most beautiful monuments in Asia. It is about 42 Kilometers west of Yogyakarta or 93 kilometers south of Semarang. Constructed during the golden age of the Syailendra Dynasty in the Eight Century and dedicated to the glory of Buddha, it combines the influence of many rich cultures.

According to the experts, the structures has more than two million stones ad volume of 55.000 cubic metres, on every floor, along its corridors there are relief depicting various sacret tales that stretch for 13 Kilometres. There are more than 1.400 stupas and about 430 statues in temple.
After centuries of neglect a large part of monuments was overgrown with moss and lichen, and Borobudur was in danger of disappearing altohether. Its structure was beginning to crumble because of the tropical climate, earthquakes, and land-slides. Humidity and mould had also been eating away its sculptures. To Save the monument from total destruction, Indonesia requested UNESCO’S help in drawing up and overall plan for its restoration. Twenty seven member states and a larges number of non governmental organization contributed more than six and a half million dollars for that great project. Indonesia provided the greater part of the expenditure to rescue the temple.

The project required coordinated work over a period of more than ten years by hundreds of scientist, archeologist, technicians, and manual workers. For example, they had to register and move a million blocks of stones and to restore 10.000 more in the body of the monuments. On 23rd February 1983 the restoration was complete, Borobudur can last for another 1.000 years.

For the Indonesian people, Borobudur is ot only temple, it is proof that our forefathers had already a very sophisticated advanced civilization a long time ago, Indonesia will continue to develop the environment of the temple for the purpose of education, the temple, the archeological museum and the library will draw more attention from scientist and researchers, as well as tourist.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct