Women Entrepeneurs in Indonesia

Although there are only a few women entrepreneurs in Indonesia, their influences are great to the economic life. They have large scale quantities of products. Hundreds of workers work in the factories owned by the women entrepreneurs.
Some of the successful women in Indonesia are Dr. Martha Tilaar and Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo. They produce cosmetics, juice,powder,shampoo, slimming tea, cream for skin care, skin lotions, traditional medicine and some others.
They have been tryng to make Indonesian women and girls look beautiful , pretty, elegant and attractive. They often hold seminars or meetings for discussion about how to appear attractive in public. They are very interested in beauty culture. Everything that people to do improve the appearance of their bodies can be considered beauty culture. The chief concern of beauty culture has been to make the female face, skin and hair more beautiful .

The beauty products have been exported to neighbouring countries. They neither use mineral nor animal product in making cosmetics. They only use vegetable , fruit and plant products in making cosmetics.

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct