Partnership in Business

There are lots of entrepeneurs who are succesful in Indonesia. They use their savings or other people's saving to buy raw materials, hire labour , and buy machinery to produce goods or service, the cheaper the cost of producing goods and services , the greater will be the profit earned by entrepeneurs. Therefore, they weigh carefully the prices of land, labour and capital.

Partnership is the state of being a partner to carry on business in association with another or others. Generous and rich entrepeneurs or industrialists will help other entrepeneurs who have gone bankrupt to be able to survive by giving financial aid, advice, training,etc. Then they cooperate in business. They should be honest in business affairs.
Most of them are becoming richer and richer . But there are also a few entrepeneurs who are not successful. Their companies went bankrupt. There are also lots of industries which cannot produce goods well. They need capital and labour.

The goverment usually does something . it faces choices, like,should the goverment help more industries or let the entrepeneurs go bankrupt?should the goverment encourage successful entrepeneurs to work together with manufactures who have small industries and still employ labourers who receive low income.

Fortunately there are some successful entrepeneurs who want to assist poor manufactures whose will certainly be in the hand-made, not machine-made. they cannot afford the machinery. if they are not helped, they will certainly ne in the hand of poor manufacturers. they should use resources wisely. they should increase productivity-that is, to produce goods and services with less material and in shorter time. They should do their best to survive

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct