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We expect that marriage and family will be more important to woman than to man, some people say that a woma must choose between having a career and being a mother, while others encourage woman to have two roles-one at home and one to work.
But men combine fatherhood and a career without anyone's thinking about it and very few succesful businessmen are praised for also being devoted husbands and fathers.

Most women hold office position, as secretary, accounting, bookkeepers, etc. Many stores also hire women to wait on customers, but men sell most of the automobiles or household Appliances, expensive jewelry and furniture. Most factories that employ women carry on light industry, such as canning food, packaging drugs, or assembling small appliances. In Indonesia no women work in iron and steel production.
Women's jobs also include the service industries : cleaning homes and hospitals, working as waitress, and working in laundries and hotels. Most of these types of employment do not require much skill or training, and many more women than men hold unskilled jobs.

Factories and offices have few women supervisors or managers. Among the professions that require a college or university education, teaching and health care provide most opportunities for women. In general, however, in these areas women hold the less important positions.Women nurses are plentiful, while women doctor oe hospital directors are rare.
many more women teach in elementary schools than in universities and fewer women are school principals than men.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct