Bali : names like “Island of Thousand Templates” or “Island of Gods”

Thousands of tourist go to Bali each years. They like to go on trips for the fun of seeing new and strange things, and Bali is one of the places where they expect to see them.
There are many hotels where visitors can stay. The Three-hundred-room Bali Beach Hotel is one of them. There are just enough hotels now. These hotels offer tourist guides who speak English and other foreign languages. The government has given these training because tourists ask them many kinds of questions.

Names like “Island of Thousand Templates” and “Island of Gods” show visitors that religion is an important part of life in Bali. Most of the Balinese People are members of the Hindu religion. They have religious ceremonies in their temples and other places almost everyday. When a person died, his family burns him in a cremation ceremony so that his soul may enter a better place. However, this ceremony is not sad a sad one. Their temples are beautiful buildings and visitors always want to see them. The Besakih temple is the most important.

Many Villages have gamelan and dance teams for their religious as well as other ceremonies. The Kecak or Monkey Dance shows part of the famous Ramayana Story. Some of The other dances are the Legong, the Kebyar and The janger

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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getsm0ney said...

kk dedek gak isa baca a
bis bahasa inggris a
ingat kerumah dedek ya

z4ro08 said...

nice info & thanks for sharing...

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Aby said...

OOhh.. BALI!!!
i miss u,, i'l come to u.. soon!!!

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