Custom and Way of Life

A custom is a belief, principle or standard of conduct which is passed on from generation to generation especially when this is done without a written record. It is customary in Indonesia for a man to give up his seat to a lady a crowded bus or train. And it is customary here to let a lday go first. Take for example, when some people are getting into a bus , men will let women get into the bus first.
In an extended family, the members of the family consist of parents, grandparents and children. If their dining room is not so large, the old-age member of the family have meals first and then followed by the children. The children are trained to respect old people.
The majority of the Indonesian people are farmers who till small plots of land. In large parts of the country , rice is the main crop. But in drier eastern islands, maize (corn) or in some cases, sago, is the stable crops, vegetables,fish,eggs,chickens and spices make up daily diet.

Rural families are generally larger than urban families. All members work. Young girls help their mother sew and thresh rice in the afternoon after they have finished school and religious training. Boys of eight will help their father weed and plough the rice field. (fast Track English 3)

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct