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Some of the common diseases suffered by children is nearly one-time attack on our children. Thus infectious diseases and need to recognize how handling. Handling also help not only healing, but also can prevent the occurrence of further complications.

Disease that often affects infants and five, according to Dr. Kishore RJ, child specialist doctors in Hospital Mother and Child in Jatinegara Hermina, Jakarta, among others, fever, infection channels the breath, and diarrhea. "But that often make parents take their children immediately treatment is a fever and diarrhea. If the cough-cold usually can still be delayed," he said.

Fever is not a disease, but symptoms of a disease. Such as cough and runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, infections of the alimentary tract, or infection channels the breath. In the book Overcoming Health Disorders in Children, essay dr. Anies from the Medical Faculty of Diponegoro University, Semarang, increase in body temperature also occurred frequently during the first growing teeth. Body temperature will also boast obtained after DPT immunization (difteria, pertussis, and tetanus), but only lasts about 24 hours.

Children said a fever, when the body temperature above 37.5 OC. If that happens, tidurkan children in the room air-conditioned wind or oneself, if any. "Wearing thin clothing. Do not be covered with a thick blanket - except the child shiver - because it will increase the temperature of the body," said Kishore.

It is wise if the house is always available drugs down children's summer before being taken to a doctor. Regular paracetamol use and safe for children and babies. In addition to medication down summer, dr. Anies encourage children to drink more when given the fever fell ill. Can white water, milk, orange juice, juice, tea or hot. That way children will be easy to sweat so the body temperature decreases. Seka sweat on his body with wet towels, bedaki entire body, and replace with dry clothes that feel fresh.

To lower the temperature the body can be assisted with mengompres brow with a wet cloth or towel. During the body temperature is still high, still need to compress. Efforts to lower the body temperature is necessary to prevent the occurrence of a strain or a strain-setip.
Starch to water diarrhea Diarrhea is accompanied by reduction in body fluids (dehydration), cough with shortness of breath, symptoms of asthma, although the direction is not asthma, or infection of the lower part of the channel the breath, and dengue fever, according to Kishore, need to get special treatment.

Food generally causes diarrhea. Because it can be because of food poisoning or bacteria in food. If the toxic food, the main symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea followed by new. If the bacteria in food, usually diarrhea and vomiting before a new.

In his book, dr. Anies mentioned, diarrhea is the emergency situation must be so by others before dehydration condition occurs, the first with a lot of drinking. Giving susu formula and fruit juice suspended. However, breastfeeding still proceed.

If diarrhea occurs repeatedly, the child will lose a lot of fluids, even a number of important minerals, such as sodium, potasium, and klorida participate terbuang. When the development, can occur so that the body fluid imbalance arising dehydration. Conditions dehdarasi this is the most feared although diarrhea akan basically healed itself.

Signs of dehydration include children crying without tears, dry mouth and lips, always feel thirsty. Urine out a little and dark colored, sometimes does not come out at all. Also, buried or sunken eyes. Marked dehydration in the baby can be seen through the crown into the concave. Also, child-headed, pale skin elasticity, or the body is reduced, and the former does not nip back to normal quickly.

To overcome this, children need to be given fluids as much as possible. "No solution should oralit. Can be sweet tea, water, salt sugar, juice, soup. Air starch is effective enough for the baby to have diarrhea. It is also far better than the oralit contain starch as glucose polymer that is easily absorbed," said Kishore.

Sugar salt solution made the comparison with two tsp sugar and half teaspoon salt to a glass of white water. This solution, according to dr. Anies, provided at least half a glass every time the child vomit or defecate. Can also be one tablespoon per five minutes, until the child can move small to normal.

Water quickly digested than the starch, also containing glucose level is high enough, which will facilitate the absorption of electrolyte. In addition, two types of flour poliglukosa in starch can cause feses more compact. Benefits of other starch water proteinnya is the womb, that is 7 - 10%. Oralit while the salt does not contain protein. The use of starch as a water "diarrhea medications," according to dr. Anies, is not harmful to the baby though

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