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Within 2 hours drive from Jakarta, an enchainment of mounth, Forest, Sea, Beach, and River encircle any soul with resources pulse of enjoyment and the relieving hearthbeat of natural freshness.
Tourism potentials in Province of West Java are very abundant, both natural tourism and other tourism (for example, shopping tpurism,etc). Related to the natural tourism potentials, natural beauty of West Java’s region is extremely supporting to be made as a tourism asset.

In Sukabumi, i find the eleven Wonders that you can visit, the eleven sites of tourism resort in District of Sukabumi are grouped into two, namely : tpurism resorts inside Pelabuhanratu town, and those outside Pelabuhan ratu Town. This grouping is useful because there is some sites of tourism resort with a not too far away one another, so they actually may be converted into an intergrated tourism resost.
Here the list :
1. Citarik Rapidss Wading
2. Bat Cave (Gua lalay)
3. Gado Bangkong
4. Citepus Beach
5. Karangnaya Beach
6. Cikakak forest Tourism
7. Tourism Resort Cimaja Beach
8. Tourism Object Karanghawu
9. Tourism Objec Cipanas
10. Tourism Object Cibangban Beach
11. River Cibareno

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct