All of the crews welcome passengers aboard Garuda Indonesia. Its first concern is the safety and comfort of all passengers. When the “Fasten Sealt Belt” sign goes on during take off and landing the passengers should fasten their seat belts. It is advisable to keep seat belt fastened whenever seated. The back of the seat should be in an upright position and table folded during take off and landing. The use of TV sets, Am and FM radios are prohibited on board as they interfere with communications and navigational systems. Lifevest is under every seat and should be removed only in case of emergency. All passengers have to study the Safety Instruction Card in the seat pocket or follow the pre-flight demonstration given by cabin attendant.

On most Garuda aircraft reading lights and fresh air inlet are above the seat. On the DC – 9 and F – 28 reading light switches, call buttons are in the overhead panel and the armrest contains an ashtray. Depress button if you wish to recline.
On the Aribus A-300, overhead lighting is regulated by a main switch and call button is above the seat. On the DC-10 and B-747, the control consoles are located in the arm rests. Each console includes seat recline button, reading light switch, attendant call button, a selection of channels for inflight entertainment is available on only these two types of aircraft on international services.

Lavatories are normally located in the rear and forward sections of the cabin and also in the middle section on The B- 747. Signs illuminate the lavatories are occupied. Smoking is prohibited when “No smoking” sign lights up on landing and take off, in the no-smoking section of the cabin, in the aisle and in the lavatories.Lighters with transoarent lighter fuel reservoirs are not allowed for use on board. Kindly ask attendant for matches. Smoking is limited to cigarettes and cigars. Smoking of clove cigarettes are prohibited in the cabin.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct