Time to Turn On Your Organization, Strategy Under Uncertainty

There are eight steps to achieve a successful organization, namely:
A. Build a strong base. Show the essence your business, and know your customers and their needs.
B. Making all consumers feel special. We can not make a product, offer a service or developing a relationship to satisfy all people.
C. Setting a high goal. A goal that will focus the will and mind employees.
D. Simplification. Simplification exempt employees, and increase efficiency.
E. Makes the technology as a means of assistance. Use technology to build personal relationships with customers and improving financial performance.
F. Measure with good, act fast. System that allows both organizations throughout not only can predict the future, but also can find it.
G. Encourage others to develop. Practices will spur people to develop: the head lease and the heart, through the study design.
H. Leading with circumspection. Here is how the leaders see themselves as resources for learning, aspirations, and motivation for other people: maintaining the value and correct yourself and all the people win.

In an environment that is not certain, managers need to apply the right strategy. Simple approach, in strategic planning is not appropriate anymore, may cause failure. In the uncertain environment required a different approach. It is rare that a manager does not know the strategic importance, even in the environment in the most uncertain. In fact, they usually can identify a range of potential or even a number of scenarios diskret.

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct