The Sample of Recommendation/Reference Letter


06 June 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter of recommendation is written at the request of Mrs. Aneu ingriane to support her studies in master degree programme through the scholarship from The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.
Mrs. Aneu was one of my students in the subjects of International law, international law of the sea, case study on international law, and also I guide her to accomplish her minor thesis. She has been active and showing her seriousness and commitment during her studies. In terms of her English proficiency, I feel certain that she can cope with the lectures she will get from the professors in Turkey, as well as her written works and oral discussion in the class room. In terms of her intellectual ability, I believe she can absorb the knowledge as she has proven herself during my lectures.
As a senior professor at Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran, I strongly recommend Mrs. Aneu's intention to continue her study at Turkey and hope that she will be given your favorable consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Beny Simanjuntak, S.H. LLM.
Senior professor at Faculty of Law,
Padjadjaran University.

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct