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Nursing science trains professional, technical, and vocational personnel to maintain and promote health care, prevent disease and injury,provide care and rehabilitation to the sick. The scope of nursing encompasses health care in hospitals,homes,clinics,schools,prisons,and industries.

From the earliest ages to the present,individuals have cared for the young,the sick,and disabled. The term nursing itself is derived from the Latin word nutricia,meaning nourisihing. Records from ancient Egypt and Greece mention various nursing practices,including the administration of herbal remedies. Roman armies traditionally employed male nurses to care for the wounded.

In the 19th century Florence Nightingale, an English woman,sought to develop nursing a into profession. She volunteered to reorganize and improved the quality of health care that was administered to British soldiers during the Crimean War. She later founded a nursing school affiliated with Saint Thomas’s hospital in London. This was the first training school for nurses. Prior to Nightingale’s efforts nurses were generally untrained and learned only what they needed for the specific circumstances in which they were working.

Oppurtunities for employment in nursing are diverse and worldwide. Moreover, a shortage of nurses prepared at the baccalaureate and graduate level exists. The red cross, the world health organization, hospitals,nursing homes,clinics,public health agencies,industries,the armed forces are only a few of many employers of nurses. Preparation in various specialities, such as geriatrics or surgery,is available to nurses. Nursing of children,family health nursing, and work with teenagers,drug abusers,and psychiatric patients all require specialized preparation for advanced practice

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