Did You Know ? Inventors and Discoverers In Science and Technology

There were lots of inventors and discoverers in Science and technology. They were figures in science and technology. They made contributions to biology, medicine, physics and chemistry. But only some of them will be mentioned here.First of all, we have to know the differences between an invention and a discovery. We usually speak of inventing something that did not exist before, and of discovering something that did exist before but was not known.

An invention involves an act of creation. Yet a discovery too, often involves a creative act. Long before Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in mold 1928, biologist knew that molds would sometimes destroy bacteria. But it was Fleming who created the idea that led him to the discovery of penicillin. Without Fleming’s idea of looking for a bacteria-killing substance in mold, penicillin might not have been discovered.

Louis Pasteur was a chemist who discovered more about the action of bacteria. The term-pasteurization , taken from his name, means the process of heating a liquid such as milk util the bacteria are killed.

The invention of steam engine brought a new source of energy, that is the enrgy of burning fuel. During the 17th and 18th centuries a number of engineer and inventors, of whom James Watt is the most famous , contributed ideas for the steam engine.

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a German (1845-1923), discovered X-rays and quickly understood their value to doctors. The newly found rays could go through skin and muscle to make pictures of bones, X-rays soon proved just as useful to find stomach and lung ailments.

Here are some significant inventions. Motion picture camera was invented by E.J. Marey in france in 1988 and motion picture projector by Thomas A. Edison in The United States in 1888. Nuclear reactor was invented by Enrico Fermi and others in The United States in 1942. Guglielmo Marconi invented radio (wireless telegraph) in 1896 in England R.A Watson-Watt invented radar in England in 1936. (taken from The New Book of Knowledge)

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