All About Medical Technology-The History

During the 20th century, medical technology has advanced at an increasingly dizzy pace. The 20th century has brought a wealth of new scientific knowledge that can be used to help the sick. It has been marked by the progress of modern surgery, the development of vaccination and inoculation, and the inventions of tools and techniques of medicine, especially electronic equipment in hospital intensive care unit.

After the discovery of penicillin, many other antibioticts were found, of which streptomycin was especially useful. One by one, the disease caused, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and pneumonia have been brought under control. Surgery is also safe because by surgery, infection can be stopped.

Other new drugs have brought relief from many of man’s ills. Scientist have learned to make substances that resemble those the body makes itself, such as insulin, cortisone, thyroid extract ad various hormones. They can be used to help people whose bodies do not make these substances properly. Some of them have other uses too.

Drugs that have an effect on the mind have helped many mentally ill persons back to natural life. The most important of these are tranquilizers, which can keep mentally ill patients from being violent.

As knowledge about electricity and radioactivity developed, ways to use these forces in medicine soo followed. The electrical impulses in the human brain can be measured with a device called the electroencephalograph. Those in the heart can be measured with the electroencephalograph. These teo machines have made it possible for doctors to find injuries or diseased areas in the brain and to observe how a patient’s heart is working.
Measuring blood pressure and giving safe blood transfusions are other medical techniques developed in the 1900s. scientist have also developed laboratory test for many diseases. A small sample of blood or a tiny piece of tissue can reveal a wealth of information about the patient’s health.

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