Prabowo, The Next Presiden of RI....will?

Prabowo Subianto, was born in intellectual of the family on 17 October 1951. His father, Prof.. Soemitro Djojohadikoesoemo (read: Sumitro Joyohadikusumo) until now regarded as one of the economic master. Upbringing by his father, raising teenagers Prabowo as intelligent and smart. I find the data that Prabowo spend his time in American high school in London, UK. After he graduates, Prabowo accepted to continue studying in the Faculty of Economics in 3 different  universities in the United States. 

But Prabowo and his family chose to leave the habitat in the field of economy to go in Magelang Akabri Land (1970). The period of duty and missed as many more combat troops. 1976, with the rank of Lieutenant Two, to be commander Prabowo Peleton The group I Kopassandha (Komando Password Yudha forces - long name Kopassus). 1977, became commander Prabowo Company Nanggala 28 Kopassandha, until 1980.
Lead the troops, working with several members of Battalion 744, succeeded in killing the President and Minister of Defense Fretilin, Nicolao Dos Reis Labato in East Timor (now Timor Leste). When served in Timtim, Prabowo was nearly killed because Fretilin troops had besieged.

After education at Grenzschutzgruppe 9 in West Germany, Prabowo was appointed as Vice detachment commander with the rank of Captain 81 in 1981. Can I say, start from here to enter the career Prabowo keemasannya period. In addition, Prabowo and a daughter with President Soeharto marry Siti Hediati Harijadi (Titiek Prabowo). But even with a daughter soeharto kill her career in the armed forces. 
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Now, Prabowo back ... he created a party called Gerindra, with a variety of support, whether Prabowo can replace SBY to be the next president of RI, we see later, only the presidential election in 2009

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