Franchise in the food field in Indonesia

Trademarks: Turkish kebab Baba Rafi
Franchisor / Master Franchisee: PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia
Business Sector: Food typical middle east
Local / Foreign: Local
Year Established: 2003
Number of Branches: 300
Capital is only the beginning of RP. 10 Million burger or a cart. Now with business growing rapidly the main food kebab and western style food (hotdog and burger). Number of branches continue to grow each year. Strategy that is applied early enough powerful, that is choose the middle of the crowd and use the color light and colorful.

Trademarks: "Bakso Malang City" Cak Eko "
Franchisor / Master Franchisee: "Bakso Malang City" Cak Eko "
Business Sector: Food Cuisine
Local / Foreign: Local
Year Established: 2006
Number of Branches: 71
Until now this "Bakso Malang City" Cak Eko " , since early September 2008 in the franchise already has 71 outlets, and 3 own outlets and 68 franchisee owners. Speed development of the branch is supported by the strength of brand

Trademarks: Buana Bakery
Franchisor / Master Franchisee: PT. Candrabuana Suryasemesta
Business Sector: Bread Store
Local / Foreign: Local
Year Established: 2002
Number of Branches: 100
Companies that sell bread production started up in 1997. In 2002 Buana Bakery franchise opportunity to open the (franchise). Especially for this franchise system, the management in cooperation with the International Franchise Consultant from Singapore to create a franchise system and the appropriate professional. Buana Bakery have motoo "So Close, So good."

Trademarks: Crush Zone
Franchisor / Master Franchisee: Crush Zone
Business Sector: Food
Local / Foreign: Local
Year Established: 2005
Number of Branches: 6
Irwanto Puji, a former journalist and magazine editor in chief is a mobile food business is great. Crush Zone, as defined by the owner of the various cuisine. Puji not use specific strategies in the product. He only implement strategy price, cuisine and location to compete with competitors.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct