What should be done if you have Hypertension

You should normally have your blood pressure measured every 3 to 5 years;you should also know what the reading was the last time it was measure, what the figures mean and weather your blood pressure is low or close to the range at which treatment might be recommended. It is important to steer a middle course between ignoring the possibility of hypertension and worrying too much about it. If however, you are taking the contraceptive pill or estrogens. You had better have your blood pressure checked more frequently.
Further investigation varies according to age and the need to make sure that a given case is either essential or secondary hypertension. To determine whether your heart has become enlarged, you have to undergo a course of X-ray examination. To check if you have any kidney problem you needs to get furher information about your kidney, your kidney ought to be X-rayed after a dye injection, a method known as intravenous urography (IVU), or an ultrasound scan of the kidneys may be performed.
Self-Help Tips
The problem of secondary hypertension will usually be resolved if and when the primary cause is satisfactory dealt with. In many cases, a thorough sel-examination of your weight, diet and lifestyle can lead to satisfactory lowering of the blood pressure without the use of drugs. In particular :
1. If you smoke, you have to give it up, or at least to cut down as much as possible. Although cigarette smoking is not a cause of hypertension , people who already have hypertension and who smoke have a greater risk of developing complications (malignant hypertension). Furthermore, there is a link between smoking and coronary artery disease, especially in people under 45 years of age. Since we know that the chances of heart trouble are increased by both cigarettes and high blood pressure, why not halve the risk instead of doubling it?

2. If you are overweight, you’d better choose a reducing diet to lose weight, stick to it until you reach a suitable weight for your age, sex and height and then you must stay there. Again, there is o firm evidence that hypertension is kept under control by weight reduction alone but slin people are hypertensive less often than those who are overweight, and slim people suffer less from certain serious diseases that are linked hypertension.
3. You’d better use less salt and give up salt-rich foods such as salami, pickles and salted fish.
4. You must try to make your work schedule and recreation less demanding avoid strenuous exercise and learn to avoid crises. A person who is always pressing ahead to the next objective, talks rather than listens and constantly looks at hir or her watch is at greater risk of all heart and circulatory diseases.
5. You’d better drink alcohol in moderation or not at all. Some people maintain that small quantities of alcohol help to lower blood pressure. There is no hard evidence that this is so . furthermore, alcohol adverse effects on the brain and liver.
6. Mild hypertension can often be treated without drugs, by relaxation techniques such as mediation , yoga, biofeedback. Before tryng relaxation therapy, you should consult yor doctor . he or she may be able to advise you about where to go for training;whichever relaxation method you choose, it must be used daily (just as patients being treated with drugs must take their medication every day). Yout doctor also needs to monitor your blood pressure to make sure that relaxation sure that relaxation theraphy has lowered it to a safe level.

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