Migrant labour refers to wokers who move from different parts within a country or from country to country to take the advantage of seasonal or temporary employment opportunities. Given their frequent moves, they usually don’t have any status in or major loyalty to a particular community. Instead , they are transients who are concerned with future temporary employment opportunities in other geographic locations. Migrant labour exists in many areas of the world including Africa, Australia, Europe and The United States.

Migrant labourers are used when the short term demand for works exceeds the available local supply. Agricultural businesses – the principal employers of migrant labour-depend o these workers to help them cope with the unequal supply and demand problem that occurs when large amounts of crops must be harvested immediately. These workers may arrive at their own initiative or be brought in by a contractor hired by the farmer.

Sometimes migrant workers are used to bypass the minimum –wage laws. In these cases companies my use illegal aliens to keep cost down. These companies not only may exploit these workers-the labour laws of the country don’t protect illegal aliens-but also may acquire an unfair competitive advantage relative to other firms that rely on more highly paid labour. The growth of the number of illegal migrant workers may become a major problem for a country that has a high unemployment rate.

Migrant workers often have a difficult life. The worker may have to leave the family behind. Children who travel with their migrant worker parents often fall behind in their education. Eventually many of the children may quit school. Their transient lifestyle does not afford them the opportunity to learn another trade or skill. This lack of good future-employment opportunities tend to perpetuate the migrant-worker force from one generation to the next.

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