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The west Java Government is actively promoting the development project for the Cirebon port to enhance the sea transportation infrastructure of the province. As well as the creation of a modern harbor facility in West Java, there are also plans to improve road links between the province and Jakarta.

The large seaport, Tanjung Priok in north Jakarta, serves most of the international and much of the provincial trade of West java. This is supplement by the ports of Cirebon to the east of the province, which provides modern passenger and vehicle ferry connections to seaports in Kalimantan. It has several quays , the biggest of which is 238 metres long, 12 metres wide and 7 metres deep. Ship tonnage that can be handled in Cirebon harbor is around 60.000-80.000 DWT. This harbor also has a container handling facility with a capacity of 165 TEU provided in the 1995 development plan. The West java authority also aims to improve Cirebon port and Cikalong port to handle and serve container shipping of industrial products from and to West Java, while at the same time easing the burden on Jakarta’s Tanjung Priok Harbour. There are loading facilities for export commodities and also for inter-island commodities.

A seaport construction and development processes would require electric energy as necessary. In 2002, electric energy available in West java(minus Province of banten), is 2.926.450 MWh. Meanwhile, In West Java, Telephone communication network is available in from of both cable and wireless lines. Moreover , transportation vehicles used to transport materials of toll road construction are sufficiently available. It can be seen from the many trucks operated in West Java in 2001, that is, 205,493 units, increasing in 2002 to be 221,734, or an increase of 7,9%. If the increase of trucks a year were assumed at 5% then total trucks in 2005 would be 256.684 units.

Seaport is sea terminal assigned for mooring ships passenger or cargo ships. The importance of building the seaport is based on the consideration below:
1. Necessity of providing for city infrastructure to support industries and trading.
2. It can revitalize export or import substitute oriented infrastuture industry potentials
3. To meet the needs of development in conformity with sea transportation planning order.
4. To support economic growth in coastline regions of West Java.wo harbor.
5. To develop mine potentials, oil & Gas potentials, development of oil refinery and petro-industry in West Java.
6. Basically , investment in seaport sector drive other investments because raw materials and finished products distributing process will be faster achieving destination.

Cirebon Port Investment Opportunities
As Cirebon is the main seaport of West Java, the seaport is also designed for international trade service es and is considered a class two harbor. Located in Cirebon city , northern coastline of Java Island ± 250 km from Jakarta. The port of Cirebon has drafted a long term development plan to further increase its role as an economic gateway of the 21st century. The objective of the development plan is to increase cargo distribution and upgrade facilities to help the port of Cirebon become a major centre for sea transportation to support industrial activities in West Java.

In order to develop Cirebon port into a reliable export-import seaport, there are two main problems that must be solved first, i.e the problem of sedimentation and organizing export commodities from the areas around Cirebon.
- 22 units of Closed storage, 18.662 m2 width, with a capacity of 37.324 ton/55986 m3
- Stockyard at 4 locattions, 34.470 m3 width, with capacity of 68.940 ton/103.410m3.
- Special stockyard, consisting of :
1. Coal terminal ± 2 ha width, with capacity of 15.000 m3
2. Poring asphalt terminal, 3 tanks, with capacity of 6500 ton
3. Vegetable oil tanks, 6 units, with capacity of 2.000 ton.
- Animal quarantine, particularly sheep, 5.105,85 m2 width.
- Passenger terminal using a modified storage 40x40 m in size. With capacity of ±1.000 people, 200 seats, a mushola (praying place), bathroom, toilet and information centre.

Blok Bunut Cirebon Port
1. Can revitalize export or import substitution oriented infrastructure industry potentials
2. Can develop agriculture, plantation, fresh water fishery, sea fishery, husbandry, and village industry product potentials;
3. Can develop mine potential, oil and gas potential, oil refinery development, and petro-industry in West java
4. Support economic of West Java and east priangan near Cirebon.

Cikalong Port Investment Opportunities
In early phase, Cikalong port will be built to be an international standard fishery and commercial seaport equipped with modern facilities. The port will be prepared to be a short sea shiping and in turn as a blue print for other ports in West Java and further in Indonesia, either existing or new ones.
In addition , the port will can be used for export-import activities for coal, iron sand 9abundant in Cikalong Region), various commodities as textile, crafts, fertilizer, etc, from ant to some destination areas such as Kalimantan, Darwin/Australia (a financially large market0 Singapore, Malaysia, etc.
Reason for developing Cikalong Port :
1. To be an economic entrance of Southern West Java, as an alternative to Tanjung Priok port.
2. It server inter-island trade activities (export-import trade distribution), passenger transportation and animal freight.
3. It can be developed a transportation, information, cargo distribution center, or island container storage services.
4. Export commodity of industrial products of West Java is reasonably large to ship by Tanjung Priok port.
5. Globally, it can hopefully promote economic enthusiasm in southern West Java Line.
(Insight West Java Magazine, 2007)

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