The state of the Earth and the influence of global warming.

Journalist and  environmental announcer events that originate from the UK, Mark Lynas, a trip during the 3 years that encircle 5 continents to witness the impact of various changes as global warming. From its melt tundra in Alaska, sinking in the Pacific island state of Tuvalu's part, and increased in the barren plains to the inland Mongolia lost its glaze in Peru and floods, and storms that cause erosion in China. Mr Lynas personally collect all the evidence collected in a book on climate change, High tide: The Truth About Our Climate Crisis
(Big Waves: The fact of the Crisis on Climate Change).

Then, in a short time Mr Lynas learn more in depth about the various scientific evidence and rational about the  fossil effects fuel to the climate, environment, and life on this planet. He spent a few months time in the science library at the University of Oxford Radcliffe to read thousands of books that scientific literature has been in depth analyzed before publishing the book is the second surprise, Six Degrees: Our Future on a hotter planet (Six Degrees: The Future We are at the Planet The Heat); as other media to raise awareness.

Newest book systematically discusses climate change based on obtained data from the scientific research with the use of computer applications and also the phase information in the search for the palaeoclimatic history of the earth that provides a description of warming climate  in the future and the consequences that must be faced. In addition it also examines the period-the period of dramatic climate change over the previous process, and predict natural will frightening effects of global warming that faced all of life and environment on the planet.

Degrees for the degrees, one degree per chapter. Six Degrees prepared based on the "Reports Estimated Third" from the Inter-Government Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) in 2001 (http:/ On every page, the effects of increasing temperatures on earth and a layer biosfer described in the reality that discomfort. Increase the temperature 1 º C to 3 º C is the "peak point", but if you ride up on the 6 º C and this increase can cause extinction in almost all life, including humans! Be difficult if the man's own behavior that caused the damage and suffering that is not expected. We have been dangerous to the planet and is in the verge of losing momentum if we do not act soon to limit the effect of emissions of greenhouse gases.

1 degree increase in temperature:
In the 1 degree increase in temperature, loss of Arctic ice a half years, the South Atlantic does not have previous storms may experience attacks and storms occurred in the western U.S. severe drought that resulted in many people suffering.

2 degree increase in temperature

Polar bears struggling to survive when the ice sheet melt. Layer of ice began to melt in Greenland, while the coral reefs become extinct. Surface sea water to increase 7 meters globally.

3 degree increase in temperature

Amazon rain forest in the kiln and the El Nino weather pattern, increasing intensity to become something normal. European experience of the summer is very hot which is very rare before. Millions and billions of people could be moved from the sub-tropical mid-latitude regions.

4 degree increase in temperature
Sea water will escalate and spill overwhelm cities in the coastal areas. Dissipation layer of ice to reduce many fresh water supply. A part in the South Pole can be submerged and the water area of the spill away. Summer temperatures in London could be 45 º C.

5 degree increase in temperature

Areas that can not be settled the spread, stack, and water ice as a source of ground water to big cities will dry up and millions of refugees will increase. Human culture will begin to disappear as the climate change that is dramatic. In this group of poor will be most likely to suffer. No more ice on the two remaining poles in line with the variety of species extinction in the sea and the tsunami in a large scale to destroy lives near the beach.

6 degree increase in temperature

At 6 degrees increase in temperature, mass extinction of 95% will occur; beings living experience of storm and flood large ongoing; hydrogen sulphate and fire due to gas metana will be the usual case. Gas is a potential atom bomb and no one is able to survive unless the bacteria. This will be a "scenario Hour / day of reckoning."

This is the more disconcerting because of the complexity of ecosystems on the planet, the fact of climate change can be worse than the estimates made scientifically! will predicted effects of climate change is very disconcerting. When re-analyze all the data he collected, Mr. Lynas thinking, he may "have to keep everything" because the truth is "frightening." In fact, some estimates from the start to become reality, for example, heat waves during summer in Europe has started affecting health people, especially seniors. Weather the heat also causes malaria and other diseases that increase the regional. Global warming have created a layer of ice in China shrink 7% each year, this could result in greater damage and to give effect to the 300 million people who are very put out their water needs from there. In India, ice is melting very quickly has caused 70,000 people have moved from the island of Lohachara sinking, and sea level rise has caused the transfer of 20,000 people living in the least in the Duke of York Islands in 2000. In the case of vulnerable ecosystems and social systems that related to each other, the planet's heat also causes the chain reaction that triggers the occurrence of scarcity of food and water along with the increase in refugees as a result of climate change. However, Mr Lynas does not intend to make readers pessimistic about the future of this planet. Instead he delivered a clear warning and urgent attention to requesting international efforts to address global warming as "take the tube and put out the fire extinguisher." No doubt that "the fire 'as a result of these arise in relation to human behavior based on data analysis and, various types of emissions that cause the increase of temperature and time remaining less than 1 decade increase in time to reach peak 'six degrees'! Appropriate indications listed in the chart, we have reached level 2 degrees, so our choice is the only one to act as soon as possible and reduce carbon emissions and metana.

Growth Temperature and Carbon Emission

Temperatures changed in Celsius

One Degree
0.1 - 1.0 º C
350ppm (380ppm Level at this time) Two Degrees
1.1 - 2.0 º C
400ppm Three Degrees
2.1 - 3.0 º C
450ppm Four Degrees
3.1 - 4.0 º C
550ppm Five Degrees
4.1 - 5.0 º C
650ppm Six Degrees
5.1 - 5.8 º C

Six Degrees in:
We are in the Future of The Hot Planet

Six Degrees is a trumpet blast of war, (Subhanallah) call to all people to maintain the condition of the earth that we are on a very critical situation, this is the most important for the leaders and political leaders to implement regulations to reduce the threshold of carbon and the effects of gas greenhouse, such as metana. Can not be avoided that the act which caused the men increase the speed of climate change.

We must change our lifestyle toward a more happy and more healthy as berlaih to a sustainable energy and the vegetarian lifestyle to save our earth. We only have a few very limited time to make a point back. Global warming is a reality and requires the attention of all mankind on the planet. For that let us act quickly to cool the earth we are (taken from google translate)

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