The patient stays in a ward during hospitalization. A good hospital Will provide well-planed wards. The wards will be elaborated with pleasant, safe and comfortable equipment for patient and staff. Bright colors have been used to create a therapeutic atmosphere in the ward, and furniture has been designed to suit the different needs of patients.

A hospital gives the best accommodations with beds and bedroom that provides as much as privacy, natural light, fresh air as possible. The beds are arranged with adequate space between them to prevent cross-infection. The adequate spaces between the beds allow the nurses to carry out bedside procedures comfortably.
“most wards have a number of cubicles or side wards –usually six for a thirty bed ward and two of these have their own hand basins and lavatories. Infectious patient will be placed in separated room. A day room is available for patients who will enjoy various recreation, such as watching television, playing games without disturbing patients who are confined to bed.

Lavatories and bathrooms are sufficiently spacious to allow nurses to assist old and disabled patients. Doorways are set to allow wheelchairs patients or trolley to enter and exit with ease. The rooms are usually fitted with grab-rails, shelves and hooks, and a patient to nurse alarm system is provided. It is important that lavatories flush quietly and efficiently.
There is also a clinical area where the medical professionals carry out the treatment for the patient. In this clinical are, surgical dressing, investigations and other sterile procedures can be carried out under optimal condition. This clinical area is always kept with minimal risk of cross-infection.

Next to the treatment room, you can find “clean and thirty annex”. The (or preparation room) is a room where the sterile equipment is stored. If there is no C.S.S.D, equipment and instruments are sterilized there too. While the dirty annex, is where the used equipment is kept for collection by C.S.S.D.
Near the dirty annex, there is usually a sluice room. It has facilities for cleaning and sterilizing bedpans, urinals, sputum mugs and so on, and for disinfecting soiled bed linen.
Can you make a diagram of wards according to the passage above?/he2x…

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