The consent Form - Responsibility for making sure

Responsibility for making sure that the person or the parents of a child have all the information needed for them to give informed written consent rests with the health practitioner (usually doctor or nurse) who is undertaking the procedure or operation . this information will include :

- Information about the procedure /operation
- The benefits and likely results
- The risks of the procedures/operation
- The other treatments that could be used instead
- The patient/parent can consult another health practitioner.
- That the patient/parent can change their mind

Young people can sign the consent from once they reach the age of 16 years and/or have the metal capacity to understand full all that is involved. If the young person cannot sign the form, the parent or legal guardian may sign it. If an adult lacks the mental capacity, either temporarily or permanently, to give or deny consent, no person has the right to give approval for a course of action. However, treatment may be given if it is considered to be in the person’s best interests, as long as an explicit (clear) refusal to such action has not been made by the person in advance.

Doctors do most invasive procedures and operations, but nurses in the UK are extending their practice to include many procedures that were previously done by doctors. You may work with nurses who do procedures such as endoscopic examination, so it is becoming more common for nurses to obtain informed consent. The patient or parent and the healthcare practitioner both sign the consent form.

When your patients are due to have any invasive procedure, always check their level of understanding before it is scheduled to happen. If you are not sure about answering a question, ask the healthcare practitioner who is doing the procedure to see the patient and explain again. It is essential that the consent form is signed before the patient is given a sedative or other pre-medication drugs.

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct